Reboots Go Recovery Boots

Reboots Go Recovery Boots

Your portable secret weapon against leg fatigue.

Reboots Go work through air pockets that lie against your legs and are filled in waves from your feet up to the tops of your thighs, creating a rolling massage effect.
64,9% smaller  44,4% lighter  3h hours of battery life
64,9% smaller
44,4% lighter
3h hours of battery life

899,00 809,00

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Reboots Go: Stay Mobile on the Go

Lighter, Smaller, and more Portable!

Limited space is no longer an excuse for sore legs. The GO system is 44.4% lighter and 64.9% smaller than ONE.

3 Hours of Battery Life

Keep your legs fresh without recharging. Whether at the gym, by the pool, or under your favourite palm tree in Hawaii, use REBOOTS whenever the time is right.


6 Compression Chambers for a Perfect Fit

The boots’ three sizes and high number of compression chambers ensure a perfect fit for perfect results.

8 Intensity Levels

Customize the pressure to your liking. Settings up to 240 mmHg — the air pressure of a volleyball.

Leading Quality through Chamber Overlap

Overlaid compression chambers ensure a smoother massage.

Skip Tender Areas

Every chamber can be individually deactivated. There’s no need to forego your secret weapon if only your lower calf hurts.

Boots in 3 Sizes with 6 Air Chambers

providing people of (nearly) all sizes with the optimal massage.

4 Programmes

Reboots Go offers the three most-popular massage programmes from Reboots One for focussed, intensive, or gentle massages to stimulate muscle regeneration.

NEW: The Pulse Programme (D)!

I use Reboots regularly after demanding training sessions, be it swimming, cycling, running or strength training. Especially after more sessions in a day the legs feel considerably fresher after the 2nd or 3rd session. I also think it is great that you can use Reboots for regeneration while working on your Laptop, and therefore can use time very effectively!

Markus Rolli

1. Rank IM Thailand 2017

photo: © Reboots are perfect for regeneration after tough practice sessions or matches. There’s no need to make extra time as I can always recover – even when watching TV. Therefore, I am fit again faster, which is especially important for a competitive athlete in weeks with many matches.

Melanie Leupolz

FC Bayern München & Women’s national football team of Germany

Reboots help us with our recovery. They are especially useful after hard a hard sprint or strength workout as the whole team puts on their reboots afterwards.

Johannes Lochner

World & European champion in four-man bob

Frequent questions

How do Reboots Recovery Boots work?
Reboots recovery boots provide a gliding massage on your legs. They help you to remove waste products from your metabolism that accumulate in your muscles during exercise and cause unwanted fatigue effects, such as BLa (blood lactic acid). How recovery boots work and what scientific studies have found you can read in our blog for example here and here.
What size do I need?
Reboots are available in three different sizes:

  • Up to an inside leg length of approx. 81cm (i.e. trousers size L32), the M-boots will fit you.
  • Between approx. 82cm and 88cm (i.e. approx. L32 and L34) we recommend size L.
  • Everyone with longer legs (>88cm) should reach for size XL.
Why are the legs not cooled at the same time during application?
Cooling causes a narrowing of the vessels after a while and reduces blood circulation. While this may be desirable in the case of an acute injury, it affects the healing of injuries. Reboots focuses instead on actively promoting blood circulation to get you back on track.
Ar more air chambers better?
Yes, more air chambers result in a smoother and thus more thorough massage.

Technical details

Weight (device + boots)

3,5 kg

Size (device)

22 x 13,5 x 8,5 cm

Size (boots)

M (up to 81 cm leg length inseam)
L (82 cm to 88 cm leg length inseam)
XL (from 89 cm leg length inseam)



30 – 240 mmHg


up to 90 min.

Number of modes

4 modes

Scope of delivery

Reboots device, 1 pair of boots (two sizes, M,L or XL), set of tubes, user manual

Any questions?

Tel.: +49 (0) 221 958 124 35


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