General Information

What size fits me?

The Reboots sizes at a glance:

  • M: Up to an inseam of 81 cm, the Recovery Boots in M are sufficient. If your leg circumference is relatively small, you should compensate for this by using higher pressure if necessary to achieve the best Recovery application.
  • L:  For inseams between 82 cm and 88 cm, the Reboots in L are usually most suitable.
  • XL: For an inseam of 89 cm or more, we recommend Reboots XL.
Is the regeneration effect really so large after workouts?

Most people notice a remarkable effect after intensive training sessions. This is also proven by various studies. However, the application/use of the recovery boots has a different effect on each individual. It’s best to try out our Reboots and see the effects for yourself. You can find further reports and recent studies about the effect of Reboots here.

What is the minimum height for using M-Boots?

From experience, if you are at least 165 cm, you should be fine using M-Boots. We have to admit that the fit won’t be perfect, but it should definitely be acceptable. It will be problematic if you’re smaller than 160 cm. If your leg circumference is relatively low, you may have to choose a relatively high pressure.


What makes Reboots special?

Reboots use relatively high pressure (240 mmHg) and a larger number of air chambers than most of the competition. They provide fluid, gliding compression to give you an individualized and intensive regenerating massage.

How do you achieve such a good price-performance ratio?

We focus on quality. The comparatively low price does not arise from saving on our product, from our target-orientated marketing. Our motto is “Quality over Quantity”, which enables us to deliver an ideal price-performance ratio.

How do Reboots differ from measurement devices with compressional waves?

A crucial difference is the intensity of the pressure we work with. Reboots is able to establish 240mmHg, whereas other tools have less. The high pressure is necessary in order to create sufficient intensive compressions of tight muscle tissues and to “force out” waste products. Medical devices focus primarily on getting rid of water retentions.

Buying Reboots

How long will the delivery take once I order my product?

We will dispatch your parcel one working day after receiving your payment. Within Germany it generally takes one additional working day for your Reboots to arrive. Deliveries abroad usually take a little longer.

What countries are Reboots delivered to?
We currently deliver to Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.
Is there a money-back guarantee?

No, there’s currently no money-back guarantee. Nevertheless, you can return your Reboots up to 4 weeks after your purchase under consideration of the return conditions. Further information about the conditions for return can be found here.

Can I borrow Reboots for test purposes?

Yes, you can borrow Reboots for a period of two weeks. After the two-week loan, you can better assess if the improved performance of your legs is worth the investment or not. If you decide to buy the product after the loan, the cost for the loan will go towards the purchase price.


Can I use Reboots before my workouts, too?

You can definitely use Reboots before your workout — as light warm-up massage, for example. You can use program A or B according to your requirements. We recommend a shorter massage prior to physical activity (10-25 minutes) with relatively light pressure.

Can I use Reboots multiple times per day?

As long as you feel comfortable during the application, this is not a problem. Many athletes use Reboots prior to and after workouts.

What is the purpose of the different programmes?

Different programmes are included in different models. They differ in the way that that the air chambers are filled during each massage.

Reboots One Programmes:

  •  Programme A is the basic programme, useful in most situations. It uses point-by-point pressure to loosen your muscles. It is the same as Programme A in Reboots Go.
  • Programme B is significantly more intense, using constant pressure to prevent backflow. It is intended primarily for the removal of lactic acid. You should get used to this programme slowly after using programme A for a while. It is the same as Programme B in Reboots Go.
  • Programme C is similar to programme A, but two air chambers are filled at a time instead of one. The massage can therefore be completed in half the time, or you can run the programme twice in the same period. It is intended primarily for quick applications, for use when time is short. It is the same as programme F in Reboots Go.
  • Programme D maximizes the number of compression rounds in a specific length of time.
  • Programme E prevents lactic acid backflow by keeping at least one chamber filled at all times.
  • Programme F also prevents lactic acid backflow. It is more intense than programme E.

Reboots Go Programmes:

  • Programme A is the same as in Reboots One programme A.
  • Programme B is the same as Reboots One programme B.
  • Programme C is the same as Reboots One programme F.
  • Programme D complements programme C with a very effective pulse effect. The pressure in the last active chamber is increased three times and then reduced again. This helps metabolic waste products be removed through your tissue and results in a more complete recovery.
Can I adapt the pressure individually?

Yes, you can regulate the pressure individually between 30 and 240 mmHg in 30-mmHg steps. The pressure can only be set for all the chambers. You can turn off individual chambers by tapping the Touchpanel on the respective chamber. This is especially useful for sensitive or painful spots.

Can I use Reboots in combination with ice baths?

There is no reason why these two treatments cannot be used one after the other. However, please note that the two methods are very different and somewhat contradictory. An ice bath causes blood vessels to constrict, whereas the purpose of Reboots is to do the opposite—namely, to increase circulation. Constricted blood vessels are therefore unhelpful. If you are going to use both treatments, we recommend using Reboots first and then having an ice bath, not the other way around. Please do not use Reboots while having an ice bath. This is very dangerous, because water can get into the device. If you have already tried using both methods on the same day and would like to share your experience with us and other athletes, we would love to hear from you at! We are very interested in the topic and are always grateful for new opinions.

How can I reduce the pressure in the boots after using them?

Unfortunately, the air cannot be pumped out of the boots automatically. We recommend removing the multi-plugs from the device and pressing both hands on the chambers. In order to accelerate the process, you can put the boots on top of each other or fold them so that the air can flow out of the chambers faster.

Who can use Reboots?

Generally, all athletes can use Reboots without any risks. However, if you have any of the following symptoms or are pregnant, we strongly recommend asking your doctor’s advice prior to using Reboots:

  • Decompensated heart failure
  • Expanded thrombophlebitis, thrombosis or suspicion of thrombosis
  • Erysipelas
  • Serious, uncontrolled hypertension
  • Acute soft tissue trauma
  • Neuropathy
  • Occlusive processes in lymph channel area


What is the compartment underneath the control unit for?

Under the cover was a screw that fixed the pump in place and prevented damages in transit. Afterwards the screw is unnecessary, which is why we already removed it for you.

Do Reboots work with batteries?

That depends on the model. Reboots One must be plugged in. Reboots Go can be used with a battery.

Can I use Reboots in every country?

That depends on what line voltage is used in each country. The reboots currently only work with a voltage of 230 volts. This is common in almost all European countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain or the UK, so you can easily use Reboots in these places.

However, there are some countries where a different line voltage is used. For example, in the US and parts of South America, a voltage of 110 volts is common. In these cases, you will need a voltage converter to use reboots.