General Information

What size fits me?
The Reboots sizes at a glance:

  • M: Up to an inside leg length of 81 cm the Recovery Boots in M are sufficient. If your leg circumference is relatively small, you should compensate for this using higher pressure if necessary, in order to achieve the best Recovery application.
  • L:  In the case of an inside leg length between 82 cm and 88 cm the Reboots in L are usually most suitable.
  • XL: For an inside leg length of 89 cm or more, we recommend Reboots XL.
Is the regeneration effect after workouts actually this immense?
Most people notice a remarkable effect after intensive training sessions. This is also proven by various studies. However, the application/use of the recovery boots has a different effect on each individual. It would be best to try out and assure yourself of our Reboots. You can find further reports and recent studies about the effect of Reboots on our blog, too. 
Which body height is the minimum for using M-Boots?
From experience, body heights of 165cm should be fine for the usage of M-Boots. However, we have to admit that the fit won’t be perfect, but definitely acceptable. It will be problematic if you’re smaller than 160cm. In case your leg circumference is relatively low, it could happen that a relatively high pressure has to be applied.


What is special about Reboots?
Reboots works, other than the competition, with 8 air chambers. In combination with relatively high pressure (240mmHg), this results in a flowing and gliding compressional wave. Therefore, Reboots allow intensive regeneration whilst not being too expensive.
How comes the good price-performance ratio off?
We focus on quality (of our Reboots). The comparatively low price does not arise from saving on our product, but it results from our target-orientated marketing. We act on “Quality over Quantity”, which enables us to deliver/provide an ideal price-performance ratio.
Where is the difference to measurement devices of compressional waves?
A crucial difference is the intensity of the pressure we work with. Reboots is able to establish
240mmHg, whereas other tools have less. The high pressure is necessary in order to create sufficient intensive compressions of tight muscle tissues and to “force out” waste products. Medical devices focus primarily on getting rid of water retentions.

Buy Reboots

Where can I buy Reboots?
They’re available on our online shop and soon on Amazon, too. You can also try out Reboots at one of our stationary representatives. You can find their locations here.
How long will the delivery take after I ordered my product?
As soon as we receive your payment, we dispatch your parcel the following working day. Within Germany it generally takes an additional working day for your Reboots to arrive. Deliveries abroad usually take a little longer.
What countries are Reboots delivered to?
We currently deliver to Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK.
Is there a money-back guarantee?
No, there’s currently no money- back guarantee. Nevertheless, you can send back your Reboots until 4 weeks after your purchase under consideration of the return conditions. Further information about the conditions for return can be looked up here.
Can I borrow Reboots for test purposes?

Yes, you can borrow Reboots for a period of two weeks. After the two-week loan, you can better assess if the improved performance of your legs is worth the investment or not. If you decide to buy the product after the loan, the cost for the loan will go towards the purchase price.


Can I use Reboots before my workouts, too?
You can definitely use Reboots before, e.g. as light warm up massage. You can use program A or B according to your requirements. The appliance prior to physical activity should not take too long though (we recommend 10-25 minutes) and it should be with relatively light pressure.
Can I use Reboots multiple times per day?
As long as you feel comfortable during the appliance, this is not a problem. Many athletes use Reboot prior to and after workouts..
What are the different programs good for?
The programs are supposed to cover different needs. Program A is the basic program. It is applicable in most cases and brings good results.
Program B is essentially more intense as a backflow through the sustained pressure in the air chambers is not prevented/not possible. You should work around that program slowly!
Program C matches schematically Program A. The difference is that two air chambers are filled with compressed air respectively. Therefore, the theoretical appliance duration is divided into half and accordingly the amount of complete cycles in a certain period of time is doubled. This means that Program C is suited especially for short, occasional appliances.
Program D maximises the amount of compression cycles in a certain duration.
By now, we even expanded to two more approaches.
Program E prevents blood lactic acid backflow through filling air chambers.
Program F basically does the same, but it is, in contrast to E, especially suited for intense appliances.

Can I adapt the pressure individually?
Yes, you can regulate the pressure individually between 30 and 240 mmHg in 30mmgh-steps. The pressure can only be set for all the chambers. You can leave out single chambers by tapping the Touchpanel on the respective chamber. This is especially useful for pain sensitive spots.
Can I use Reboots in combination with Ice baths?
Generally, it should not be a problem to use both applications time-referred. Nevertheless, we want to note that it the effectiveness of each device are different and are partially contradicting. Due to the cold in the ice bands, the vessels decrease in size, whereas the Reboots Recovery Boots appliance aims to achieve the opposite as the circulation increases. Therefore, smaller vessels would not be helpful. You could still use Reboots first, followed by ice bands – but not the other way around. We strongly disadvice to use the Reboots during an ice bath as it can be very dangerous to get water into the device. In case you already combine both appliances and you want to share your experiences with other athletes, we’d be happy to hear from you. Just send us a mail at We’re highly interested in the topic and would be very grateful for your opinions.
How can I reduce the pressure within the boots after using them?
Unfortunately, the air cannot be pumped out of the boots automatically. We recommend removing the multi-plugs from the device, followed by pressing both hands on the chambers. In order to accelerate the process, you can put the boots on top of each other, or fold them, so that the air can flow out of the chambers faster.
Who can use Reboots?
Generally, all athletes can use Reboots without any risks. In case you have one of the following symptoms or in case you are pregnant, we strongly suggest to see your doctor and get his advice prior to using Reboots. Contraindications:

  • Decompensated heart failure
  • expanded thrombophlebitis, thrombosis or suspicion of thrombosis
  • erysipelas
  • serious, not treated hypertension
  • acute soft tissue trauma
  • neuropathy
  • occlusive processes in lymph channel area


What is the compartment on the underneath of the control unit for?
Under the cover was a screw that fixated the pump during transportation. We prevented damages in transit. Afterwards, the screw is unnecessary, which is why we already removed it for you.
Do Reboots work with Battery, too?
Reboots currently only function stationary via a plug.
What is the compartment on the underneath of the control unit for?
Under the cover was a screw that fixated the pump during transportation. We prevented damages in transit. Afterwards, the screw is unnecessary, which is why we already removed it for you.
Can I use Reboots in every country?
That depends on which line voltage is used in the countries. The reboots currently only work with a voltage of 230 volts. This is common in almost all European countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain or the UK, so you can easily use Reboots here.

However, there are some countries where a different line voltage is used. For example, in the US and parts of South America, a voltage of 110 volts is common. In this case, you will need a voltage converter to use reboots.