28 September 2018

Reboots User Guide

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Maximum regeneration for maximum performance: It is important to use Reboots correctly, in order to achieve the best possible results when you use them for your recovery. The Reboots user guide tells you what you need to know, in order to configure your recovery application.

How often can I use Reboots?

You can use Reboots on a daily basis. The optimal usage duration is 30 to 50 minutes. There is no specified duration or frequency. Generally, the following applies: You can use Reboots Recovery Boots as long as their application feels good for you.

What can I use Reboots for?

Reboots are suitable for the following applications:

  • Directly after training: Reboots help you reduce the resulting lactic acid faster and regenerate after strenuous training.
  • For relaxation: Did you have an exhausting day and want to relax in the evening? A Reboots massage can help you.
  • For your warm-up: Reboots are not designed to help you warm up before your training. However, we have heard from many athletes that they’ve had a very positive experience with short sessions before their training. However, the application should be brief and at a low pressure.

No matter what application you use Reboots for: During the application of Reboots hold your legs as horizontally as possible and make sure that the air supply hoses are not jammed.

What pressure can I use?

More is not always better. Especially when you start using Reboots you should get used to them slowly. We recommend that you start with low pressure and increase it during the following applications. You can adjust the pressure yourself

from 30 to 240 mmHg in increments of 30. If necessary, individual chambers can be omitted in order to avoid tender spots, for example.

Leg circumference plays a decisive role in the selection of the correct pressure. Users with thin legs should use higher pressure more often. However, the appropriate pressure is generally different for each athlete. Every body is different. Above all, you should listen to your body and adjust the pressure so that it feels good for you. 180 mmhg can be perfect for someone but uncomfortably high for someone else.

The placement of Reboots is also important in addition to the selection of the right pressure.

What is the difference between the Reboots programs?

There are six different Reboots programs to choose from. They are different in terms of how they inflate the air chambers. The diagram shows, for example, the operation of Program A. In this program, the eight chambers are filled with air one after the other. The program starts from the feet. The pressure wave works from chamber to chamber up to the thigh and then starts again from the feet.


How can I find the right program?

In addition to program A, which was described above, you can choose between the following programs:

Each program has a different area of application:

  • Program A: Program A uses targeted pressure and is, therefore, well suited for the relaxation of the muscles.
  • Program B: The continuous pressure used by program B prevents backflow. Therefore, program B is mostly suitable for the transport of lactate. As a beginner, you should accustom yourself to this program slowly and after having used Program A for a while.
  • Program C: Program C is ideal for brief applications. It is similar to Program A, but two chambers are directly inflated. The program offers twice the number of iterations over the same period. Therefore, it shortens the duration of the application.
  • Program D: Brief & intensive? Then program D is the right one for you. This program is designed to maximize the number of compression iterations and is particularly suitable for brief, very intensive applications.
  • Program E: It also allows for a wavy massage and two chambers are being inflated continuously. This prevents the backflow of waste products, which are removed through the massage. It allows for a very thorough recovery application.
  • Program F: Program F acts in a similar way to Program B. Several chambers are inflated continuously, in order to prevent backflow further. It is suitable for the removal of lactate and it is less intensive than Program B, because the feet are not being pressed continuously.

Can I use Reboots in combination with ice baths?

Generally, there are no arguments against the asynchronous combination of both regeneration procedures. However, you should be aware that these two procedures have opposite effects. The cold ensures that your vessels shrink. However, the application of Reboots helps increase circulation. This means that an ice bath before the application of Reboots is counter-productive, because it is more difficult for the blood to circulate in the narrowed vessels. Therefore, sequence is important if you want to combine both procedures: We recommend using Reboots first and then having an ice bath – not the other way around. We strongly advise you not to use Reboots during an ice bath. This is very dangerous because the water could penetrate the device.






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