28 September 2018

Reboots User Guide

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Maximum regeneration for maximum performance: It is important to use Reboots correctly in order to achieve the best possible results. The Reboots user guide tells you what you need to know in order to configure your recovery application.

How often can I use Reboots?

You can use Reboots every day. The optimal massage length is between 30 and 50 minutes, but you may also use them for longer periods of time. We do not recommend using them for longer than 1.5 hours a day. The motto “more is always better” does not apply to the Reboots recovery process. Use Reboots sensibly and pay attention to what feels best for you.

What can I use Reboots for?

Reboots are suitable for the following applications:

  • Directly after training: Reboots help you reduce the resulting lactic acid faster and regenerate after strenuous training. If possible, begin the recovery process between 30 and 60 minutes after exercising. You can, of course, do it later if necessary.
  • For relaxation: Had an exhausting day and want to relax in the evening? A Reboots massage can help you.
  • For your warm-up: Reboots are not designed to help you warm up before your training. However, we have heard from many athletes that they’ve had a very positive experience with short sessions before their training. For this, the application should be brief and at a low pressure.

Regardless of what you are using Reboots for, keep your legs as horizontal as possible and slightly raised towards your heart. Avoid dangling or bending your legs. Also make sure that the air hoses are not kinked and that air is flowing freely through them.

What pressure can I use?

More is not always better. You should get used to your Reboots slowly at the beginning. We recommend that you start with low pressure and increase it during the following applications. You can adjust the pressure yourself between 30 and 240 mmHg in increments of 30. If necessary, individual chambers can be omitted in order to avoid tender spots.

Leg circumference plays a decisive role in the selection of the correct pressure. Users with thin legs should use higher pressure more often. However, the appropriate pressure is generally different for each athlete. Each body is different. Above all, you should listen to your body and adjust the pressure so that it feels good for you. 180 mmHg can be perfect for one person but uncomfortably high for another.

In addition to the selection of the right pressure, the correct placement of the Reboots is important.

What is the difference between the Reboots programmes?

Different programmes are included in different models. They differ in the way that that the air chambers are filled during each massage. Programme A for Reboots Go is depicted above — it begins at begins at the feet and fills the air chambers in succession. The pressure wave works its way up to the thigh and then begins once more at the feet.

How can I find the right programme?

In addition to programme A, described above, you can choose between the following programmes:

Reboots One Programmes:

  • Programme A is the basic programme, useful in most situations. It uses point-by-point pressure to loosen your muscles. It is the same as Programme A in Reboots Go.
  • Programme B is significantly more intense, using constant pressure to prevent backflow. It is intended primarily for the removal of lactic acid. You should get used to this programme slowly after using programme A for a while. This programme works well as an introduction to your recovery process. You can use it during the first 30 minutes and then switch to another programme as you like. It is important to start with low pressure (90 to max. 120 mmHg) for this part, to guarantee optimal blood flow. You can raise the pressure after this programme. It is the same as Programme B in Reboots Go.
  • Programme C is similar to programme A, but two air chambers are filled at a time instead of one. The massage can therefore be completed in half the time, or you can run the programme twice in the same period. It is intended primarily for quick applications, for use when time is short. It is the same as programme F in Reboots Go.
  • Programme D maximizes the number of compression rounds in a specific length of time.
  • Programme E prevents lactic acid backflow by keeping at least one chamber filled at all times.
  • Programme F also prevents lactic acid backflow. It is more intense than programme E.

Reboots Go Programmes:

  • Programme A is the same as in Reboots One programme A.
  • Programme B is the same as Reboots One programme B.
  • Programme C is the same as Reboots One programme F
  • Programme D complements programme C with a very effective pulse effect. The pressure in the last active chamber is increased three times and then reduced again. This helps metabolic waste products be removed through your tissue and results in a more complete recovery.

Can I use Reboots in combination with ice baths?

There is no reason why these two treatments cannot be used one after the other. However, please note that the two methods are very different and somewhat contradictory. An ice bath causes blood vessels to constrict, whereas the purpose of Reboots is to do the opposite—namely, to increase circulation. Constricted blood vessels are therefore unhelpful. If you are going to use both treatments, we recommend using Reboots first and then having an ice bath, not the other way around. Please do not use Reboots while having an ice bath. This is very dangerous, because water can get into the device.

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