25th September 2018

Find the right Reboots size

Have you decided to buy a pair of Recovery Boots? Now the question is this: What size do you actually need? We have put together the most important information and tips, so that you can find the proper Reboots size.

Sizes for Reboots Recovery Boots

Reboots Recovery Boots are available in three different sizes. In order to assess which size is best for you, we recommend that you measure your inseam. Selecting the size based on your height is very inaccurate.

In order to measure your inseam, all you need is a measuring tape. Starting at the crotch, measure down to your heel. The following video shows you the best way to do this.


The Reboots sizes at a glance:

  • M: Up to an inseam of 81 cm, the Recovery Boots in M are sufficient. If your leg circumference is relatively small, you should compensate for this using higher pressure if necessary in order to achieve the best recovery application.
  • L:  For and inseam between 82 cm and 88 cm, the Reboots in L are usually most suitable.
  • XL: For an inseam of 89 cm or more, we recommend Reboots XL.

The right fit

Generally, the Recovery Boots should be pulled up as far as possible. Only the tips of your toes (not your whole toes!) should be visible at the bottom. This way, you can make sure that your whole leg will benefit optimally from the recovery application.

Do you want to try Reboots Recovery Boots first, before you make a decision about the size? No problem. You can try them on through one of our partners without obligation  or visit us at an event.

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