Regenerate your legs with Reboots – faster than ever.

Fight fatigued legs

Increase Performance

Had a hard workout? Smash yesterday’s PB anyways!

Recover Faster

Targeted decrease of lactic acid levels in your blood.

Improve Agility

Perceptible reduction of tension and swellings.

Up and about again, fast

Reboots generate a gliding massage for your legs. This helps your body get rid of the waste products of your metabolism (e.g. lactic acid), which are produced during hard training sessions and competitions.

This means that Reboots actively prevent unwanted symptoms after hard physical excise, such as muscle tension, DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) and swelling. The result is a noticeable performance increase for your legs with the same amount of training and shortened recovery phases.

Reboots get you back on your feet again quicker.

Performance instead of exhaustion

Studies show a significant decrease in output losses when athletes use recovery boots after physical activity. Reboots will help you smash your PB when others can’t keep up anymore.

Reboots are your friend in breaks between your performance peaks – during halftimes or between stages.

See scientific study 1 and study 2

Lactic acid levels in blood after Physical Activity


with recovery boots

(Averages, in comparison to passive recovery)

Shorter regeneration phases

Not all recovery is equal. Studies show that active recovery outmatches passive regeneration. Now is the time to unite the best of both worlds.

Recovery boots support your muscles during regeneration, enabling more efficient passive regeneration.

Reboots help you get more out of your rest phases.

See scientific study 3

Stay flexible, stay fit

Reboots provides a pleasant massage without annoying appointments.

A relaxing massage for your muscles can lead to less tension and swelling, especially after a hard training session.

Studies prove that massage improves athletes’ range of motion. This increase in range of motion (ROM) reduces the risk of injuries.

Stay fit with Reboots.

See scientific study 4

See what the pros think

I use Reboots regularly after demanding training sessions, be it swimming, cycling, running or strength training. Especially when I’ve done more sessions in a day, my legs feel considerably fresher after the 2nd or 3rd session. I also think it is great that you can use Reboots for regeneration while working on your laptop, and therefore use time very effectively!

Markus Rolli

1. Rank IM Thailand 2017

As a competitive athlete, regeneration is very important to me. Reboots provide me with a pleasant, effectual, and individualized recovery at any location. They are also super easy to use. I like that I can vary the pressure and length of the massage. They help me stay in peak shape even during strenuous weeks with lots of games.

Manuela Zinsberger

Goalkeeper for the Austrian national team and FC Bayern Munich

Reboots help us with our recovery. They are especially useful after a hard sprint or strength workout, as the whole team puts on their Reboots afterwards.

Johannes Lochner

World & European champion in four-man bob

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